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Editorial Standards

Editorial standards exist to protect Illinois State University’s image. By collectively adhering to these standards, campus communicators will maintain consistency and accuracy when communicating with our audiences.

This document is unique to Illinois State and is the first reference to be used when creating or editing text. It is not a comprehensive guide; beyond these standards, the University endorses The Associated Press Stylebook and Webster’s New World College Dictionary. Campus communicators are strongly encouraged to purchase an online subscription to The Associated Press Stylebook, which is updated regularly.

Campus communicators are additionally encouraged to utilize the University Voice and Tone guidelines and The Associated Press Stylebook direction on inclusive storytelling, with specific guidance on communicating about disabilities, sex and sexual orientation, gender, immigration and migration, age, religion, race, and other sensitive topics. Beyond utilizing these resources, it is advisable to request a source review when communicating about sensitive topics.

Campus communicators are encouraged to consider their audience, subjects of their communication, and their mediums. When communicating on behalf of the University, individuals are encouraged to use these resources along with their own best judgment.

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