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There are specific regulations that apply to outgoing mail. These can be found on the University’s Mail Service Center’s website at Examples of addresses for mail sent to and from campus and to students are shown below.

Note that building names, building room numbers, and street addresses should never appear as part of a return address. They are used on incoming mail only when the recipient is a student living on campus.

Do not add Illinois State University or use the campus ZIP code (61790) for mail being sent to students. Mail delivery will be delayed if either is included in the student address.

Should an address be needed for global positioning system (GPS) purposes, use the following: Corner of West College Avenue and Main Street, Normal, IL 61761

Format for mail to a campus office or staff address

John Doe, director (title is optional)
Illinois State University (optional)
College, department, or office name (optional)
Campus box #### (insert four-digit mail code) (mandatory second line from the bottom)
Normal, IL 61790-#### (insert four-digit mail code) (mandatory bottom line)

Format for campus return address

Illinois State University (must be the top line; can be replaced by the Illinois State logo)
College, department, or office name
Campus box #### (insert four-digit mail code)
Normal, IL 61790-#### (insert four-digit mail code)

Format for mail to a campus student address

Student’s name
Room number and residence hall name
Street address
Normal, IL 61761-####*

*The four-digit mail code will vary depending on the residence hall. Visit for the list of mail codes.

Additional address guidelines

  • Room numbers appear before the building name in addresses: 201 Nelson Smith Building

  • Use abbreviations for avenue, boulevard, street, etc., only with a numbered address: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  • Abbreviate compass points used in addresses: 562 W. 43rd St.

Email addresses

Email addresses should use the “” domain. Only full names of units should be capitalized when referencing an Illinois State University email address. “IllinoisState” should be capitalized when used in email addresses. 

  • Use the following examples as guides to email address capitalization:
  • Capitalize “Email” when used before an address in a listing:
    • Email:
  • Lowercase “email” in narrative text: Questions about the event can be sent by email to the director.

Web addresses

The most marketable and concise web addresses should be used. For this reason, do not copy and paste an internet address from the top of a website or page. Contact Web and Interactive Communications with questions regarding what web address is preferred.

A web address Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a term describing what is entered into a browser to access a site, page, or document.

  • Any web address appearing in a print piece should first be tested to ensure it functions.

  • Illinois State University URLs for initiatives should appear as with the “I” and “S” capitalized, and the xxx standing for the initiative.

  • Always capitalize the first letter of each word and acronyms in university web addresses:

  • Always capitalize full words that appear in a university web address after the slash:

  • Web addresses are not underlined in printed text.

  • Web addresses should not be hyphenated in text. Web addresses should not be broken between two lines unless absolutely necessary. Break after a slash if unavoidable.

  • The http:// part of the address is unnecessary and should not be included.

  • The very last / in an address is also unnecessary and should be omitted.

  • In referencing homepages, it is not necessary to include the name of the page if it is or Use the shorter and easier to remember address. Examples:

    • Use:
    • Do not use:
    • Do not use:
    • Do not use:
  • For custom addresses for print documents, contact Web and Interactive Communications.

  • Any website on campus should have four separate URLs that point to it:
  • When launching your site, only the fourth address above should be what’s visible in the address bar of your browser. The first three should forward to the address.

  • If an address is not available, the address should be used in print.