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  • People should be recognized by the name they prefer. If you are unsure, ask individuals how they prefer their name to appear in print. 

  • Alumni are listed with a grad year(s) in narrative text. (See entry on degrees for additional guidelines.)

  • Inclusion of maiden names is encouraged but not required. Maiden names are most often included in parentheses between first and last names: Jane (Smith) Doe ’22

  • Nicknames are typically placed in quotations between first and maiden and/or last names.

  • Courtesy titles are allowed for individuals who have earned doctoral degrees. (See entry on courtesty titles for additional guidelines.)

  • Suffixes like Jr. and Sr. are allowed after individuals’ first and last names. There is typically no comma between the last name and suffix.

  • Avoid exhaustive lists of degrees and certifications not earned from Illinois State after individuals’ names. If those degrees/certifications must be recognized, spell them out and list them in completes sentences.

  • It is not necessary to list a shared last name twice in references to married couples, even when a maiden name is also included: John ’22 and Jane (Smith) Doe ’21

  • When referencing multiple individuals with the same last name, first names may be used after initially identifying each individual by first and last name.