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Email signatures

Email signatures should be limited to work information and should be presented in a professional manner. Philosophical statements, words of wisdom, favorite quotes, personal messages, and clip art should not be included. These items not only make it more difficult for the recipient to find pertinent work information, but also are potentially offensive and inappropriate for work email.


  • A sample email signature configuration is below. The font and type size may vary. If desired, service statements related to an individual’s department should appear above the signature information.

    • Insert name
    • Title, Department
    • Illinois State University
    • Phone: (###) ###-####
    • Email:
  • Provide the sender’s email with contact information. This courtesy makes it easier for recipients to respond, particularly when messages are forwarded, and the original sender’s address may be lost.

  • Include a direct phone number.
  • Include a department name.
  • Professional credentials are optional.
  • Wallpaper should not be used in email, as some email applications do not support it, and some selections may be considered inappropriate by the recipient.

  • Use only one university logo per email. Appropriately sized logos that have been approved are available for download at
  • Use only one university-related tagline or slogan.
  • Remove taglines, slogans, and logos tied to an event that has passed. Replace with something upcoming or ongoing so that email signatures are current.

Email correspondence should be considered a public form of communication. Most messages sent electronically do not contain private information. In instances when such information is included in an email correspondence, a confidentiality statement must be added to the message.

Confidentiality notice

This email and any attachments may be confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, be aware that any disclosure, copying, distribution, or use of this email or any attachment is prohibited. If you have received this email in error, please notify us immediately by returning it to the sender and delete this copy from your system. Thank you.