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University Digital Seals

Simplifications of the University seal have been created for digital use in circumstances where details of the official seal become difficult to detect due to size limitations imposed in select on-screen uses. Examples include use in responsive web pages, viewing via mobile phone displays, and navigation bars. The version named “Digital Seal Small” shall only be used at sizes between 79-50 pixels. It must be paired with “Digital Seal Large” preceding it at sizes larger than 80 pixels. The Illinois State University seal is one component of the University logo. No versions of the digital seal are intended to substitute for use of the formal/official Print Seal’s use in print or product imprints as an ISU logo configuration. More information on ISU logo configurations can be found in Illinois State's Graphic Standards.

Sizing Seal on white Seal on red Print use Digital use
Print seal
The minimum size for the seal is 9/16" in diameter. The seal is one component of the University logo.*
ISU seal for print on white background ISU seal for print on red background Yes No
Digital Seal Large
Use at sizes larger than 80px
Illinois State University detailed seal on White Illinois State University detailed seal on Red No Yes
Digital Seal Small
Use at sizes 79px to 50px
Illinois State University Illinois State University No Yes
Reduced App Seal
Use at sizes 49px to 31px and for University App branding
Yes** Yes
Miniature Seal
Use at 30px or less
simple-seal-2018-ring No Yes

*Please contact University Marketing and Communications for any seals smaller than 9/16" diameter in print and/or merchandise applications.
**The Reduced App Seal is used only in print as branding to specifically represent the Illinois State University app.