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Licensing Options

  • Apparel/promotional items for University units

I want to make apparel/promotional items for University units, such as a school, department or student group. Do I still need a license?

Yes. The availability of Illinois State University merchandise produced by quality manufacturers is part of the University's overall marketing strategy. Therefore, Illinois State University and its licensing agent, CLC, typically offer two types of license:

  • A standard commercial license allows for manufacture of goods bearing University trademarks for sale to the general public. Royalties are required.
  • An internal license allows for the manufacture of products bearing University trademarks that are sold to the University or University units and registered student organizations. The goods are not for ongoing resale, though limited fundraising sales are allowed. Royalties are waived.
  • A crafter's license allows for the creation of handmade goods bearing University trademarks for sale to the public. If you are interested in obtaining a crafter's license, please fill out the online application.
  • Associated costs

Is getting a license expensive?

Not necessarily.

  • The standard commercial license requires a $250 annual fee to CLC plus royalties paid to Illinois State University. A Fair Labor Association membership is also generally required, though they can be waived for local companies. Fees start as low as $100 and are based on a sliding scale tied to your company's annual revenues.
  • The internal license fee is $250. A Fair Labor Association membership is generally required but can be waived for local companies. Royalties are waived.
  • Acquiring a license

How do I acquire a license?

All products bearing Illinois State University's name or marks/logos require a license. The licensing program provides manufacturers with the ability to create products featuring the University name and graphic marks/logos, while ensuring that the institution's reputation, image, and brand identity are presented appropriately. The University's licensing program meets the growing demand among alumni, friends, and students for Illinois State merchandise.The general guidelines for use of ISU’s trademarks are outlined below:

  • Illinois State University’s marks/logos may not be altered in any way.
  • All submissions must also meet the University graphic standards.
  • Artwork submissions should include the proper registered circle R or TM symbol when intended for resale purposes.
  • Illinois State University’s trademarks may not be used in conjunction with the name or trademark of any other entity without the prior written permission of the University and that entity. Illinois State University’s trademarks may not be incorporated into an art or design incorporating trademarks of another entity or art or design that may infringe such marks, without permission. If permission is granted, ISU’s trademark must not be overshadowed or diminished in any way in comparison to the other entity’s trademark.
  • Except as approved under University Policy (7.1.29 Sponsorships), Illinois State University’s trademark may not be used in any manner that suggests or implies ISU’s sponsorship or endorsement of other organizations, companies, products, or services.
  • Illinois State University’s trademarks may not be used in any way that discriminates or implies discrimination against any person or groups based on race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, pregnancy, sexual orientation, order of protection, gender identity and expression, age, marital status, disability, genetic information, unfavorable military discharge, status as a veteran, or sex or in any other way that would be in violation of Illinois State University’s anti-discrimination policies or practices.
  • University licensed vendors should be used when producing apparel or promotional items.
  • Illinois State University will not approve the use of ISU’s trademarks in connection with certain types of products, including but not limited to:
    • Alcohol and alcohol-related products
    • Tobacco and tobacco-related products
    • Illegal drug products
    • Inherently dangerous products – such as firearms, explosives, or weapons
    • Sexually suggestive products
    • Products bearing the name, number, and/or images of ISU students or employees, without such individual’s permission, and in compliance with all applicable regulations
    • Products that are harmful to the mission or integrity of the institution or present an unacceptable risk of liability
  • Illinois State University will not approve certain artwork or designs in conjunction with its trademarks, including but not limited to, art that depicts or implies the use or endorsement of:
    • Alcohol
    • Illegal Drugs
    • Tobacco Products
    • Firearms or other weapons
    • Profanity
    • Sexual Acts
  • Staff from the Trademark Licensing program (housed within University Marketing and Communications) should be used as a resource when questions arise regarding the proper use of Illinois State marks.
  • Obtaining artwork & design approval

How do I get Illinois State University's artwork? How is design approval done?

Once your license has been approved, you'll be granted access to all Illinois State University artwork. When your designs are completed, you'll upload them via CLC's proprietary BrandManager360 website. After that, you'll receive notification of approval or need for corrections, often within hours.

  • Selling licensed merchandise (retail)

I'm a retailer and interested in selling Illinois State University merchandise. Can you help?

We're happy to do what we can to point you in the right direction. You can contact CLC at or Illinois State University's assistant director of trademark and licensing, Dani Schroeder, at (309) 438-4331 or

Additional questions?

Please feel free to contact CLC's Tayler Sandberg at (317) 663-7437 or or Illinois State University's assistant director of trademark and licensing, Dani Schroeder, at (309) 438-4331 or

Local retailers carrying licensed Illinois State merchandise

Interested in becoming a Redbird Rep?

The Redbird Rep program is University Marketing and Communication's team of student social media influencers that assist with trademark licensing and athletics promotions and initiatives. If you are interested in becoming a Redbird Rep, please contact Dani Schroeder at (309) 438-4331 or